Board of Directors: Brad Ewing, Director of Information Technology

Brad Ewing, Director of Information Technology

Brad Ewing is an IT Professional with over 27 years experience in web and application engineering, that currently is stationed in the Putnam County Tennessee area. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Brad’s experience has taken him all corners of the globe including Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan, The Philippines, Alaska, and Silicon Valley California.

As an English major at Fisk University, Brad had found his true calling in web programming at the campuses data center, often spending late nights reverse-engineering Perl and CGI scripts. He would end up dropping his major, becoming a self-taught programmer and beginning his career at the Metropolitan Clerk’s Office, The City Council’s Office, and The Mayor’s Office during Phil Bredesen’s term as mayor of Nashville.

Brad would later continue forward at Ingram Book Group for 3 years, deciding later to move out to Silicon Valley in California where he would perfect his programming skills as a Web Developer and Java Software Engineer. He would return to Nashville years later working with companies as Universal Music Group, Universal Classics, Mercury Records, MCA Records, Lost Highway Records, Paymaxx, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the State of Tennessee Attorney General’s Office just to name a few.

Brad currently works as a freelance consult developing his own Information Technology consulting company with a focus on Internet and Social Media Marketing.

Brad’s passions include teaching, philanthropy, volunteering at churches, local community charities and centers, hoping to be a more positive light in the lives of others. His interests include reading, writing, philosophy, ancient history, comic books, 80s cartoon, computers, manga, anime, and astronomy — a true all-around nerd… a badge he wears proudly.