Knoxville Nonprofit Provides Life-Changing Makeovers To Uplift Women

Knoxville Nonprofit Provides Life-Changing Makeovers To Uplift Women

A Knoxville non-profit is working to uplift women in the program in more ways than one. The nonprofit decided to uplift these women with a new makeover.

Hand Up for Women ( is a life-management and career-works readiness ministry.

“We know that they are beautiful as they are, but all of these ladies have never had a vision of frankly how God sees them, and we want them to see themselves in that light,” Executive Director Eva Pierce said.

For the 11 women in the program that have faced a variety of obstacles, this makeover puts the mirror in their hands to reflect on what they’re truly made of.

“It’s really an external reflection of the internal changes that they’re making and working really hard on,” Pierce said.

Some of the women have dealt with addiction, jail time, homelessness or abuse.

“I was abused by my mother. She hated me and she didn’t have any problem telling me,” said Linda Phillips, a member of the program.

She faced over 50 years of agony in multiple relationships. It was a continuous pattern she didn’t think she could escape.

“I didn’t think I’d ever be better,” she said.

by: Veronica Ogbe
Posted: Oct 9, 2022 / 01:11 PM EDT

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