About Us

Healing Broken Vessels is here to create lasting changes that positively impact the world community for the better, beginning in Wilson County, Tennessee


Leaning on our friends and neighbors because we cannot do it on our own

Because of the help from others, Healing Broken Vessels can provide training and career development services, helping with housing and assistance in the Wilson County Community, as well as support services for women who need help.

Personal Development

Providing classes and seminars in technical, financial, vocational, and personal development

Healing Broken Vessel’s GRAYCE Project is six-week program is an integrated approach that helps to develop personal, interpersonal, dealing with procrastination, and alcohol and drug resistance skills.  Along with the GRAYCE Project, we offer a number of classes and seminars that focus on vocational growth and personal lifehacks.  Recently with new challenges brought about through the Covid-19 pandemic, HBV has began a shift to provide more training and resources online with video conferencing, social media, and our website.  

Invigorating Wholeness

Growth and development in the community is our focus

The Healing Broken Vessels community is one advocates personal growth and positive living. We provide our community with inspiration for a better life and a better world, delivering both free content and education, a safe and supportive environment for like-minded people to connect, and products for living a positive and inspired life.

Our Staff

Just a few names that continue to help us in our quest to help the Wilson County community, and beyond!  We pride ourselves in providing our community with an amazing team from all walks of life, that possesses amazing skills and talents to help continue to keep Healing Broken Vessels running strong:

Diantha McLeod
Founder, Executive Director

Robert McLeod

Owen Gooden

Shelia Taylor

Madalyn Adams

Bradford Ewing
Director of Information Technology

Rhonda Talley
Board Member

Linda Harris
Board Member