Don’t go back unprepared

Chances are, your kiddos have gone back to school. Unless you’re like us and still have a good three weeks to go … But still, the time is coming. Which means now is a really good time to guard yourself against those Back-to-School surprises by boosting your immune system.

There are several simple, natural ways to support a healthy immune system (that are safe for the whole family) and today I wanted to share the top methods my family uses. Our kiddos miss very few days of school and it’s not on accident.

1. Improve sleep

Sleep is a vital time of healing and restoration for our bodies.If you’re not getting enough, create a bedtime routine. Try going to bed a bit earlier. Say no to screens well before bed. Use calming essential oils before bed. Your body will thank you.

2. Reduce sugar

Sugar inhibits a healthy immune system response which is why I recommend avoiding processed sugars. I recommend making the switch to natural sweeteners (raw honey, pure maple syrup), but still eating them only on occasion because your body doesn’t differentiate between the two.

3. Use essential oils

Certain essential oils promote healthy immune function and protect against environmental and seasonal threats. Apply or diffuse immune boosting essential oils before school and/or before bed to support the immune system.

One of my favorite essential oils for supporting the immune system is a doTERRA blend called OnGuard. We use this oil like it’s going out of style (well, not that much, but everyone gets a good application before they head out the door in the morning) and it’s a favorite among my friends because it does such a good job at protecting against those threats that lead to missed school days.

Guard Your Family

For the next week, we’re offering a Back-to-School enrollment special: purchase any doTERRA starter kit of $100 or more through my special link (can’t be current doTERRA member) and I’ll send some #happymail your way.

Specifically, a roll-on bottle of On Guard Touch essential oil blend (pre-diluted) and On Guard Protecting Throat Drops($47 value).

These are some favorite go-to items for staying happy and healthy, whatever season it may be.

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