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2/25/2019 Healing Broken Vessels HBV Training Office 365 Microsoft Office 365 Forgot Password

Have you forgotten your Microsoft Office 365 Password? No problem. Follow along in this easy, step-by-step help guide.

Get back into your account

Step 1: Navigate to Office 365 admin center and find Security &privacy under Settings category and tap the link option called Azure AD admin center.

Step 2: And then in the coming Azure AD admin center window, you can just navigate to Users and groups in the left pane of the window and choose the Password reset in the corresponding right part of the window.

password reset option in azure


Step 3: In the coming page, just choose All in your business and click Save, then your users would be prompted to type some contact information to reset their password when logging in Office 365 again.

And that's it.  Your password is reset now.

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